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My name is Adrian and I’m a born and raised Georgia girl.  I grew up in Peachtree City, which if you are not familiar, is as an amazing golf cart community often referred to as “The Bubble” by locals.  I lived in Atlanta for 4 years while attending college for a degree in Early Childhood Education.  I also graduated with an MRS degree 🙂 and married my college sweetheart, Zack, the fall after we graduated.  We have been living in the West Georgia area ever since.  We have two boys. Leo was born in March 2015 and we welcomed our little Samuel in June 2022. Life has been busy, but beautiful!   


As a child, I wanted to be a fashion designer and loved sketching out my ideas.  Later, this love for design transferred to interiors.  In 7th grade, my family moved into a new house and my parents actually let me pick out the finishes to my room! My purple carpet went PERFECTLY with the tri-toned purple sponge painted walls! A few years later, those walls got covered up with some LIME GREEN paint.  The feeling of designing my own room sparked a fire in me! 

In high school, I took it upon myself to redesign our youth group room at church. I helped pick out new colors to paint our kitchen. When I was in college, I LOVED moving in and out of different dorms each year. It was a chance to to come up with a whole new space and feel. 


While my design tastes have changed dramatically since then, I can look back and think of what an incredible launching pad those years were! MAJOR props to my parents for giving me the chance to experiment with my creativity throughout our home!!


It was a combination of this passion for decorating + a nudge from within that led me to launch Stewart Style Interiors.  Since November 2016, I’ve had to opportunity to help friends, clients, clients-turned-friends with their decorating needs. I feel so lucky to have been asked to help with various projects. Stage design, school office makeovers, mood boards, and in home revamps! It sounds silly, but interior decorating is what keeps me up at night!

Untitled design (1)

One of the things I love most, is just sharing the projects I do within my own home. I truly believe the size of your home does NOT affect it’s potential. With the right layers of design, you can make any space beautiful. 


My life and my home have evolved so much and continue to do so. It’s funny to look back to just the beginning of starting my blog to see how much has changed since then! AND…how much still has not! 


For so long, I blew off my passion for interior design as unimportant.  I let self-doubt rule my movements.  In a world already saturated with interior design inspiration, why would someone want or need my advice? My motto has been to “DO IT AFRAID” and it has truly kept my heart and passion ALIVE!


With anything we do together here at Stewart Style Interiors, I pray you always leave feeling a little happier and more inspired than when you came.  Whatever calling you feel in your heart, I encourage you to find the confidence to GO FOR IT too.  It can be so so scary, but also so so worth that risk!

Thanks for being here with me!

~ Adrian



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