How To Find Your Home Decor Style


Finding your home decor style can be quite the process, but it is so important!  These six steps will teach you how to design a beautiful home that you can be proud of for years to come!

Step 1: PERUSE 

 ( verb ) –  to examine carefully or at length 

To begin the process of finding your home decor style, immerse yourself with all the options.  Search magazines.  Surf Pinterest.  Watch design shows.  Create a mood board and save ONLY the things that truly make your heart beat faster!  Be intentional with every image you save.  Assess WHY you like it.  Is it the style ? Is it the color scheme?  Is it the window treatments?  Take the time to make personal notes.  Once you discover your tastes, dig deeper into specifics.  For example, if Farmhouse Style is your jam, then decide what type of Farmhouse Style you prefer.  Are you more intrigued with the Cottage or Modern vibe?  Maybe you dig a mixed or eclectic look?  Really take the time to decide on the things YOU LOVE!

Tangible mood board I created using colors, fabrics and finishes that inspire me.

Step 2: PURGE 

( verb ) – to rid (someone) of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition, typically giving a sense of cathartic release 

Now that you have your mood board created, decide on where you want to start your decorating.  Let’s say you want to start with your living room.  Look with a careful eye at what needs to go.  Sell, donate, or trash what doesn’t work.  This is your time to be picky and get rid of the things that do not bring you joy (<— thanks Marie Kondo).  Start with a clean slate!

Need some tips (and laughs) to help you figure out what to purge? Read THIS! 

Step 3: PLAN

( noun ) – an intention or decision about what one is going to do

Decide what works and what is needed.  You may have a great couch, but what about changing up your throw pillows?  Could pillow covers be used?  What type of plant works best in your household?  Take the time to measure and write down specific needs.  This is also a great time to think about versatile pieces.  Design trends are constantly changing, so be mindful to select things that can transition with the times.  Keep it classic with the big ticket items and allow for playfulness with your accessories.

During the Fall/Winter months I love using this knit pillow cover (from Hobby Lobby) on my couch. It gives the cozy-sweater feel for those chilly days. Using pillow covers are a great (inexpensive) way to update your decor. 

Step 4:  PICK

( verb ) –  to  choose (something) from a number of alternatives, typically after careful thought

Before spending any money, go PICKING in YOUR HOUSE.  Look around in other rooms, in your basement, in your parent’s house 😜,  and think about if you could use a particular item somewhere else.  You might discover that the lamp in your office would go perfectly on a side table in your living room.  Shopping your house is not only great for your budget, but also your creativity.

Design Tip: Old books, various pots with greenery help polish off any style space! This combination works year round; as you can easily add seasonal/holiday decor (such as a this faux pumpkin succulent) to the vignette. 


( verb ) – to acquire (something) by paying for it

If you are still in need of items, after home-shopping, then start to purchase.  But always have a list. Are you looking for 96 inch navy blue velvet curtain panels?  Do you need four 8×10 brushed bronze picture frames?  Know exactly what you NEED.  Resist the impulse buys!  It will save you time and money.  This is hard for me, because so often I find something so cute and unique that I am overcome with the feeling that I MUST have it.  However, when I step back to think about where I could use it in my home, I don’t have a place.

Don’t forget to check out thrift stores and antique shops… you never know what unique finds you may uncover!  


( verb ) – make (something) using creative or mental skills

The final step is to play around with your items and work to produce what makes you happy.  Sometimes it is trial and error.  Don’t be afraid to try something “different”.  Majority of the time, those moments end up being the most beautiful.  Create something that makes you PROUD and leaves you feeling refreshed.  At the end of the day, YOU are the one living there!  Fill it with memories; always leaving space for new ones to be made.

Etsy is a fantastic place to get custom pieces for your home. Not only can you get personalized decor, but you are supporting small shop owners in return. One of my favorite purchases from Etsy is this precious silhouette print of my son! 

Our kitchen pegboard is always one of the first things people comment on in our home! Love the unique FUNctionality it provides! 

I personally love a very neutral modern-vintage-farmhouse style. Layers of whites, blacks, grays, and wood tones. A mixture of patterns, textures and new/old pieces. This style is carried throughout my whole home- which gives a cohesive feel. It’s also a great way to be able to mix and move items around my home when I get the “itch to switch” things up. 

Happy decor stylin’, dear Stewart Style blog readers! 


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