School Office Makeover

Finally!! The SCHOOL OFFICE MAKEOVER photo tour!! 


This summer, our awesome principal asked for volunteers to be part of the “EXTRA team” — who would be in charge of sprucing up the school. The teachers that volunteered were then broken into smaller groups so we could divide and conquer various spots around the school. We met at Hobby Lobby one day in July and had us a big ole’ shopping spree!!

I was asked to be in charge of designing the front office. What a fun process! Not gonna lie, there was just a LITTLE bit of pressure due to this being the front office…and THE spot where parents, students, teachers, and district employees all visit when coming to our school!! Not to mention…the place where I personally work!!

Below is the photo tour of the office. You will see the before pictures at the end. I had the couch, rug and trophies to work with!! 🙂

Shiplap added to front of counter.

Cute spot outside of the office that some of the EXTRA ladies put together!



We still have a few projects left to tackle…eventually…but I am really happy with the transformation of this space!

++Special Thanks to Brian Preston for the shiplap install and to Mr. David for his painting skills (and laughs)!



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