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My name is Adrian and I’m a born and raised Georgia girl.  I grew up in Peachtree City, which if you are not familiar, is as an amazing golf cart community often referred to as “The Bubble” by locals.  I lived in Atlanta for 4 years while attending college for a degree in Early Childhood Education.  I also graduated with an MRS degree 🙂 and married my college sweetheart, Zack, the fall after we graduated.  We have been living in the West Georgia area ever since.  We have two boys. Leo was born in March 2015 and we welcomed our little Samuel in June 2022. Life has been busy, but beautiful!   


As a child, I wanted to be a fashion designer and loved sketching out my ideas.  Later, this love for design transferred to interiors.  In 7th grade, my family moved into a new house and my parents actually let me pick out the finishes to my room! My purple carpet went PERFECTLY with the tri-toned purple sponge painted walls! A few years later, those walls got covered up with some LIME GREEN paint.  The feeling of designing my own room sparked a fire in me! 

In high school, I took it upon myself to redesign our youth group room at church. I helped pick out new colors to paint our kitchen. When I was in college, I LOVED moving in and out of different dorms each year. It was a chance to to come up with a whole new space and feel. 


While my design tastes have changed dramatically since then, I can look back and think of what an incredible launching pad those years were! MAJOR props to my parents for giving me the chance to experiment with my creativity throughout our home!!


It was a combination of this passion for decorating + a nudge from within that led me to launch Stewart Style Interiors.  Since November 2016, I’ve had to opportunity to help friends, clients, clients-turned-friends with their decorating needs. I feel so lucky to have been asked to help with various projects. Stage design, school office makeovers, mood boards, and in home revamps! It sounds silly, but interior decorating is what keeps me up at night!

Untitled design (1)

One of the things I love most, is just sharing the projects I do within my own home. I truly believe the size of your home does NOT affect it’s potential. With the right layers of design, you can make any space beautiful. 


My life and my home have evolved so much and continue to do so. It’s funny to look back to just the beginning of starting my blog to see how much has changed since then! AND…how much still has not! 


For so long, I blew off my passion for interior design as unimportant.  I let self-doubt rule my movements.  In a world already saturated with interior design inspiration, why would someone want or need my advice? My motto has been to “DO IT AFRAID” and it has truly kept my heart and passion ALIVE!


With anything we do together here at Stewart Style Interiors, I pray you always leave feeling a little happier and more inspired than when you came.  Whatever calling you feel in your heart, I encourage you to find the confidence to GO FOR IT too.  It can be so so scary, but also so so worth that risk!

Thanks for being here with me!

~ Adrian



School Office Makeover

Finally!! The SCHOOL OFFICE MAKEOVER photo tour!! 


This summer, our awesome principal asked for volunteers to be part of the “EXTRA team” — who would be in charge of sprucing up the school. The teachers that volunteered were then broken into smaller groups so we could divide and conquer various spots around the school. We met at Hobby Lobby one day in July and had us a big ole’ shopping spree!!

I was asked to be in charge of designing the front office. What a fun process! Not gonna lie, there was just a LITTLE bit of pressure due to this being the front office…and THE spot where parents, students, teachers, and district employees all visit when coming to our school!! Not to mention…the place where I personally work!!

Below is the photo tour of the office. You will see the before pictures at the end. I had the couch, rug and trophies to work with!! 🙂

Shiplap added to front of counter.

Cute spot outside of the office that some of the EXTRA ladies put together!



We still have a few projects left to tackle…eventually…but I am really happy with the transformation of this space!

++Special Thanks to Brian Preston for the shiplap install and to Mr. David for his painting skills (and laughs)!



My Trip to Magnolia

It’s taken me a few months to get this post written, but I wanted to “formally” share about our trip to Texas last Fall! My husband had a business trip to Austin that I tagged along with him on. We flew out a few days before his work conference began so we could have some extra time to explore.

Landed in Austin! The lady behind us snuck in our photo 🙂

As soon as our plane landed and we got our rental car, we headed straight for San Antonio. It was about an hour car ride from Austin. It was a rainy and cold day, but we made the most of the afternoon. We wandered the River Walk, found a great Tex-Mex place for lunch and finished our afternoon touring The Alamo. It was a great day and I’m very glad we fit it into our trip. We drove back and stayed in Austin that night.

River Walk-in’ 🙂

The next morning, we woke up bright and early and headed to Waco! Waco is about an 1.5 drive from Austin (in the opposite direction as San Antonio). The weather was AWFUL on our drive to Waco. Pouring rain and COLD. I was started to get bummed that this would hinder my oh-so-anticipated trip. Low and behold, once we got into Waco…the rain moved out!! Hallelujah! It was still very COLD. I can do cold, though.

It was a Monday when we went (and again…cold and rainy) which made for an actually pleasant trip to the Magnolia Market grounds! We were able to park and walk around without very much crowd.

We came in mid November, so the the grounds were just beginning to change from Fall to Winter. While the outside areas still had pumpkins; the inside of the Market was beautifully outfitted for Christmas/ winter! I absolutely loved walking around and looking at all the amazing displays. Except for a T-shirt, I did not buy a single thing. This surprises some people, but honestly I didn’t care about the actual items. I was more excited about experiencing the FEEL of everything.

One of my favorite spots was the Seed and Supply shop. It is a smaller building on the side of the property, but it is so beautiful and truly exemplified the Joanna Gaines’ touch.

We walked around the corner to see about getting a cupcake from the bakery, but there was already a long line. It was getting to be about lunchtime so we decided that if we were going to wait in a long line for some food…we would rather head over to Magnolia Table to wait for some lunch!

Before we got in our car, we made sure to walk across the street to visit The Findery, which was such a beautiful shop!

It took about 5-10 minutes to drive to Magnolia Table. When we got there, the parking lot was FULL. Zack dropped me off by the door so I could go put our names down. The hostess took my name and asked which type of seating we prefered .. private or community style. I had already known of this concept from watching Fixer Upper so I decided we would go with whichever came first. The wait was 1 hour… which I am told is actually a GREAT day to have come.  Usually it is a 3+ hour wait and they have to close their waiting list in order to get everyone in. So, I considered ourselves lucky!

The grounds of the restaurant were nothing short of amazing. Had it been a warmer day…I can only imagine the bliss of enjoying all the outdoor nooks. We were able to find some warmth and wait indoors on the Take-Out side of the facility.

Finally it was time to eat. We were seated at a large corner table…with two other families! I have to admit, it was a very unusual feeling to be sat down with complete strangers for lunch. We were able to enjoy some conversation and it was neat to learn where everyone came from and the different walks of life we were all in. Zack got the eggs benedict and I got the pancake breakfast. The portions were HUGE. And the food was DELICIOUS. 

Did I mention how incredible the restrooms were???

After lunch, we decided to ride over to Harp Design. It was the most devine smelling shop!! All the items were super cute too!

We made one more stop by Joanna’s original Magnolia shop on Bosque. They sell lots of extra inventory and scratch and dent items at this location. Depending on what you are looking for, you can find some great deals.

I know it’s all the rage to love anything done by the Gaines’ family. But what I loved most, besides all the beauty of the facilities and decor items, was how inspired it left me feeling. To see how Joanna started with a small shop to her now HUGE platform was really amazing. What stood out the most from the day was how incredibly friendly the Magnolia staff was at every single location. I was very impressed at how well organized and thought out every thing was. Kudos to the whole Magnolia team!

Have you been to Waco? If so, what was your favorite part?



Designer Show House

Hi friends!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post, but I wanted to give you all the details on my upcoming design project. You’ve seen me give some tidbits on my social media accounts, but I thought writing one post would be the easiest way to divulge all my excitement! 🙂


I was selected to be a designer in the Circles’ of West Georgia Designer Show House, here in Carrollton. This is their third year, but my first! This year there will be 3 homes included in the tour. These houses happen to be the historic homes located on the ever-so-dreamy Dixie Street. I’ve only lived in Carroll County for 8 years, but I have highly admired the homes on this street!


If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I have a BIG love for anything antique and full of history….especially when it comes to these big, beautiful homes!

House #1

The Show House Tour will take place October 19th- 21st. Even though it will still be Fall, the tour it will be Christmas themed!

Last week, I attended the Designer Open House, where I was able to walk around each of the 3 houses and select the space I want to decorate. It was a first come, first serve type of situation.

House #2

Just getting to walk around in these homes is reason enough to attend this fun event!

House # 3 –  (where I will be designing!)

I would love to show you more pictures of the insides of these homes, but you will just have to come experience it for yourself!! I will give you a sneak peek at the room I plan to decorate though… 🙂

I decided to invest my efforts into the Breakfast Room & Back Hallway of The Burson House!


This house is a show – stopper and is filled with amazing history! The inside is so very vibrant and full of color, along with amazing authentic vintage pieces.  I love me some fun wallpaper and this house doesn’t disappoint in that area! I kind of fell in love with this fun wallpaper in the kitchen!!


If you’ve seen pictures of my home, you know my personal style leans more towards high contrast / neutral color palettes (grays , blacks, whites, etc… ). While my goal is to of course keep in line with the house’s existing style as I decorate it for Christmas; I felt most inspired by the breakfast room. Can you guess why?


Yep. I loved the white walls! Where the rest of the house is full of color, this kind of felt like more my speed! It leaves me with options on how to proceed, which is the most fun part of beginning a design project. It allows my mind to dream up all the possibilities!


I don’t want to share any full room pictures because I want it to be part of the reveal, but just picture some pretty-Christmas-y goodness in here!!


If you are near the West Georgia area, I would LOVE for you to save this event to your calendar! Tickets will go on sale August 1st with all the proceeds going to a worthy cause! Not only will you get to see my designs, you will also get to see the handiwork of other talented local designers, florists & artists! To learn more about the Circles of West Georgia Designer Show House and to purchase tickets click here .

Keep a watch over the next few weeks for more updates on this project! Instagram is my favorite platform for sharing all kinds of behind the scenes life going on here at Stewart Style, so I’d love for you to join me over there if you don’t already!

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Cannot wait for Christmas on Dixie!


Mini Home Tour

Hey y’all! Here’s a mini tour of my house. Before you watch you must know 2 things:

1. My house is NEVER this clean on the regular.

2. Lots of projects are still unfinished. That’s just life over here!

Check out this this blog post for the info on many of the things found in my home.

Additional Sources:

Butter & Eggs Sign, 3 Nesting Boxes & Tiered Wall shelf (photo wall) — Decor Steals

Scroll above piano — Ali @MustardSeedBeginnings 

Hoop Wall inspo (around Vintage Map) — Erin @CottonStem

Topiaries from mantle — Kirklands

Tufted Chair — Here

Thanks for stopping by!


China Cabinet Makeover


Well, I finally did it! I took on the project of giving my china cabinet a makeover. This piece was my grandmother’s that I have had for the last 6 years. It was a part of a whole set ( with table & chairs)…but it just wasn’t quite my style.


All of this furniture just felt too big and bulky for our dining room. When I was considering selling it all and replacing the china cabinet, I just kept coming back to this piece and saying…it would really work …IF I just gave it some love (aka white chalk paint). So, that’s exactly what we did. I sold my table and chairs through Facebook Marketplace, which is a great resource for buying and selling stuff if you haven’t checked it out already!


My husband, Zack, was INCREDIBLY helpful on this. I was originally planning to paint and use all the glass doors on the top, but as we were removing all the doors/hinges to prep for painting,  I suddenly KNEW we needed to move in a new direction. Zack knew it too!


We immediately discussed how awesome this piece looked with the doors removed! It made the whole piece feel less heavy and “formal”. So, just like that…I had a new excitement for working on this thing! Zack helped me to fill in all the nail holes.

This is what we used for that ….


We removed the printed backing I had going on inside my china cabinet. This was a DIY project I did a few years ago. I just used some fun contact paper to give some life to the inside. This was back when I was too scared to actually just paint the thing.  🙂 Once we removed that, it really made me get a feel for the potential beauty we had.


Now onto the actual painting part. I used Rustoleum’s Chalk Paint in linen white.  I used this paint recently to give my old buffet/turned tv console a makeover. I was very pleased with the outcome of that project, so I knew it would be great on my china cabinet too.


It took a solid 3 coats (and 2 cans of paint) to get the coverage we needed. Below you can see the difference between 1 and 2 coats of paint though by looking at the left and right side.


Finally got this beast beauty all painted. I used some sandpaper and distressed it in just a few spots to give it some character. Added a layer of  Polycrylic (in matte finish) to seal it and got to putting her back together. This is the FUN part!


Now came the REALLY fun part… styling it with some of my favorite things. I have some awesome jadeite pieces, but I decided to keep it super neutral for now. Adding lots of texture through various metals and finishes. I love adding touches of greenery in there too. I have a real LOVE for antique/tarnished teapots too! I feel like everything just POPS (hubby hates when I say that lol) against the white paint now!


Before & After Side by Side:

I am SO SO SO pleased with the transformation of this piece. It was definitely worth the time and effort to bring it back to life. I am currently in the process of revamping the entire room a little bit (new table & chairs, etc), but I will for sure share more of that process as it happens too!

Thank you for all the sweet feedback you have given during this process! I don’t share for the praise, but to hopefully give you some motivation to tackle a project in your own home. You don’t always have to go out and buy all new furniture…sometimes all it takes it just a little paint and some imagination to see the potential in what you already have!


**Follow me on Instagram (@StewartStyleInteriors ) to catch lots of behind the scenes info on what I stay busy with!


A Few of My Favorite Things

Instead of creating another gift guide– I decided to go ahead and share some of my personal favorite decor items from my home! Maybe you will find something to put on YOUR wish list or spend your Christmas money on!

1. Canary Jane Table Lamp  


This is my favorite lamp! I have two of these lamps that anchor each side of my 100 year old piano. I love hobnail milk glass, so these lamps definitely speak my decor love language. This lamp is from Target, and I’ll be honest–it’s almost ALWAYS out of stock! I know this because I bought one over a year ago…and then decided I needed another one this summer and had to stalk Target’s website everyday to see if it was available. I had almost given up hope, but finally got lucky!

My amazing scroll is another favorite of mine and was custom made by the talented Ali @mustardseedbeginnings . Something about the song, specifically the bridge, “No Longer Slaves” ( listen here ) always brings chills to my soul. I just NEEDED it posted in my house.

2. Soap Jars

TjMaxx and HomeGoods are my favorite places for finding cute soap jars! I have them in my kitchen and bathrooms.  I love the bold graphics on these particular ones. They work with several different decor styles, too! These would also make great housewarming/ party hosts gifts!

3. Letterfolk Board

Letterfolk featured this photo of mine via social media! Over 16k likes!

You may have seen that these types of boards are becoming especially popular in home decor. I’ve wanted an authentic Letterfolk board for over a year and my sweet hubby got me one for my birthday. Why an authentic one? Letterfolk is a husband-wife run company, whom I have loved following along with on their journey over the last few years.  It’s so special to purchase products from REAL people you admire who are working to build their business while providing for their family. Their boards are wildly popular and can even be seen on episodes of Fixer Upper! Check out their instagram ( @Letterfolk ) for some awesomely- clever ways people have used their boards.

3. 5-Light-Chandelier


If you are looking for a new chandelier (that won’t break the bank!!), take a look at this one! We recently switched out an old fixture for it in our kitchen nook and absolutely love it. It’s amazing how simply changing a light fixture can transform a space! We love the simple-airy-ness of this chandelier!

4. Floral Drapes


These are the curtains we have in our living room/kitchen nook. Because our space is open-concept, I like have the same curtains across a line of sight. These have a great weight to them but aren’t bulky! Florals, Stripes, Plaids– basically neutrals in my book! 🙂

5. French Rod


Speaking of drapes — I LOVE french rods! We have these  to hold up our floral drapes in our living spaces! French rods are classic and won’t go out of style!

6. Buffalo Check Napkins


If you’ve been following me, you KNOW my love for buffalo check! Well, these napkins are a great buy! We’ve been trying to use more cloth napkins instead of paper products, and having cute linens definitely help!

7. Crochet Pillow Cover

This pillow cover was a great Amazon find! I’m a big fan of neutral decor—you know, white on white on white kind of thing. And the best way to achieve that is by using different textures. So, this crocheted surface works perfectly.

8.  Plaid Throw Blanket 


This blanket is less than $12 and super comfy! My son has declared it HIS couch blanket! When you have small children, it’s wise not to invest too much money into softies like these..because you know it’s bound to get messed up! So even though it may be cheap it doesn’t go against our design style.  I love the bold pattern is adds to our living room.

9. Buffalo Check Shower Curtain


I know…here she goes again with the buffalo check plaid. #SorryNotSorry 🙂 I won’t spend to much time here because you all know my thoughts. Basically: Have it. Like it. Love It. Want some more of it.

10. Frosted Eucalyptus Garland


This is my favorite garland to use! I use it for everything. If you scroll back up you can even see where I draped it over my kitchen pegboard. It’s a great weight and even though it’s faux greenery, it still looks beautiful!

Well, there you have it! These are just 10 of my favorite decor items. If you are interested in this sort of thing, would you please leave me a note and let me know? I’ve got plenty of other items I would love to share with you. As always, thanks for reading!


Stewart Style Gift Guide : To READ

Can you believe we are officially in the holiday season already?? I surely cannot.

I wanted to compile a list of a few of my favorite finds over the last year, in hopes of giving you a few ideas for the gift giving season. I always love seeing gift guides put out by people I follow, so I hope this is equally as helpful and fun to you!

Because I seem to have several categories of favorites, I thought it best to keep things divided up into separate blog posts. Today I give you my top 10 favorite things to READ. Most of them are personal favorites of mine, but I also included a few awesome tried-and-true toddler favorites from our household too!

1. City Farmhouse Style


I purchased this book a few months ago when it released and I love it! It’s the perfect coffee table book for the farmhouse style lover. I loved reading and looking over each and every page and picture. In a world of Pinterest, it’s actually refreshing to pick up a book and find just as much inspiration.

2. Botanical Prints


Ok, this isn’t technically something you “read” but…it’s too fun NOT to share. My hubby surprised me with this last year for Christmas. It’s a book full of beautiful botanical prints ready for you to tear out and frame. Instant Wall Art — as the title explains. He knew I was really digging botanical print anything, so it was such a thoughtful gift for him to get me!

3. The Kitchen House


This is one of my favorite books I’ve read in a long time!

In this gripping New York Times bestseller, Kathleen Grissom brings to life a thriving plantation in Virginia in the decades before the Civil War, where a dark secret threatens to expose the best and worst in everyone tied to the estate.

Orphaned during her passage from Ireland, young, white Lavinia arrives on the steps of the kitchen house and is placed, as an indentured servant, under the care of Belle, the master’s illegitimate slave daughter. Lavinia learns to cook, clean, and serve food, while guided by the quiet strength and love of her new family.

In time, Lavinia is accepted into the world of the big house, caring for the master’s opium-addicted wife and befriending his dangerous yet protective son. She attempts to straddle the worlds of the kitchen and big house, but her skin color will forever set her apart from Belle and the other slaves.

Through the unique eyes of Lavinia and Belle, Grissom’s debut novel unfolds in a heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful story of class, race, dignity, deep-buried secrets, and familial bonds.

The sequel ( Glory Over Everything ) is just as good, too!

4. Hope Heals 


This is another favorite book of mine! The testimony of faith of this couple will bring you to tears.

On April 21, 2008, as their 6 month old son slept in the other room, Katherine collapsed, suffering a massive brain stem stroke without warning. Miraculously, Jay came home in time and called for help. Katherine was immediately rushed into micro-brain surgery, though her chance of survival was slim. As the sun rose the next morning, the surgeon proclaimed that Katherine had survived the removal of part of her brain, though her future recovery was completely uncertain. Yet in that moment, there was a spark of hope. Through 40 days on life support in the ICU and nearly 2 years in full-time brain rehab, that spark of hope was fanned into flame.

Love following Katherine and Jay on Instagram ( @hopeheals ) too!

5.  Mark of the Lion series


If I am ever asked what my favorite books are, this series (of 3 books) by Francine Rivers ALWAYS comes to mind.

The first book ,  A Voice in the Wind brings readers back to the first century and introduces them to a character they will never forget—Hadassah. Torn by her love for a handsome aristocrat, this young slave girl clings to her faith in the living God for deliverance from the forces of decadent Rome.

I read these while in college and could not put them down. You really can’t go wrong with anything written by this author, but I highly recommend starting with these!!!

6. The Magnolia Journal


Know someone who loves Fixer Upper or The Gaines’ family? Gift them (and yourself) with a subscription to The Magnolia Journal magazine. And if they’ve not already read   The Magnolia Story  yet, then that’s a great book idea too!

7. The Nesting Place 


Here’s another great book for the decorator in your life! Popular blogger Myguillyn Smith ( @thenester ) takes you inside her home and shares all her pointers for creating a beautiful home. “In The Nesting Place, Myquillyn shares the secrets of decorating for real people—and it has nothing to do with creating a flawless look to wow your guests. It has everything to do with embracing the natural imperfection and chaos of daily living.”

8. Vegetables in Underwear 


Here’s one of my son’s FAVORITE books right now! We bought it several months back when we were potty training. The pictures and simple story line is so cute; making Mama and Dada crack up too!

9. Little Pea


Leo got this as a Christmas gift last year, and it is such a sweet little book! Little Pea has to eat all his dinner so he can have dessert. What’s his dinner? CANDY–eww! What’s for dessert? His favorite– SPINACH! Leo loves making the “yuck” sounds while reading through this silly book!

10. The Going to Bed Book 


We love any and all books by Sandra Boynton. This one in particular was one of the first books we would read to Leo every night. He can now read it all by himself, and even makes up his own little motions to it.


Hope you found this list to be a helpful guide to some gift ideas this year! I would love to know your thoughts! Did you find something worth reading??

— Adrian

How To Find Your Home Decor Style


Finding your home decor style can be quite the process, but it is so important!  These six steps will teach you how to design a beautiful home that you can be proud of for years to come!

Step 1: PERUSE 

 ( verb ) –  to examine carefully or at length 

To begin the process of finding your home decor style, immerse yourself with all the options.  Search magazines.  Surf Pinterest.  Watch design shows.  Create a mood board and save ONLY the things that truly make your heart beat faster!  Be intentional with every image you save.  Assess WHY you like it.  Is it the style ? Is it the color scheme?  Is it the window treatments?  Take the time to make personal notes.  Once you discover your tastes, dig deeper into specifics.  For example, if Farmhouse Style is your jam, then decide what type of Farmhouse Style you prefer.  Are you more intrigued with the Cottage or Modern vibe?  Maybe you dig a mixed or eclectic look?  Really take the time to decide on the things YOU LOVE!

Tangible mood board I created using colors, fabrics and finishes that inspire me.

Step 2: PURGE 

( verb ) – to rid (someone) of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition, typically giving a sense of cathartic release 

Now that you have your mood board created, decide on where you want to start your decorating.  Let’s say you want to start with your living room.  Look with a careful eye at what needs to go.  Sell, donate, or trash what doesn’t work.  This is your time to be picky and get rid of the things that do not bring you joy (<— thanks Marie Kondo).  Start with a clean slate!

Need some tips (and laughs) to help you figure out what to purge? Read THIS! 

Step 3: PLAN

( noun ) – an intention or decision about what one is going to do

Decide what works and what is needed.  You may have a great couch, but what about changing up your throw pillows?  Could pillow covers be used?  What type of plant works best in your household?  Take the time to measure and write down specific needs.  This is also a great time to think about versatile pieces.  Design trends are constantly changing, so be mindful to select things that can transition with the times.  Keep it classic with the big ticket items and allow for playfulness with your accessories.

During the Fall/Winter months I love using this knit pillow cover (from Hobby Lobby) on my couch. It gives the cozy-sweater feel for those chilly days. Using pillow covers are a great (inexpensive) way to update your decor. 

Step 4:  PICK

( verb ) –  to  choose (something) from a number of alternatives, typically after careful thought

Before spending any money, go PICKING in YOUR HOUSE.  Look around in other rooms, in your basement, in your parent’s house 😜,  and think about if you could use a particular item somewhere else.  You might discover that the lamp in your office would go perfectly on a side table in your living room.  Shopping your house is not only great for your budget, but also your creativity.

Design Tip: Old books, various pots with greenery help polish off any style space! This combination works year round; as you can easily add seasonal/holiday decor (such as a this faux pumpkin succulent) to the vignette. 


( verb ) – to acquire (something) by paying for it

If you are still in need of items, after home-shopping, then start to purchase.  But always have a list. Are you looking for 96 inch navy blue velvet curtain panels?  Do you need four 8×10 brushed bronze picture frames?  Know exactly what you NEED.  Resist the impulse buys!  It will save you time and money.  This is hard for me, because so often I find something so cute and unique that I am overcome with the feeling that I MUST have it.  However, when I step back to think about where I could use it in my home, I don’t have a place.

Don’t forget to check out thrift stores and antique shops… you never know what unique finds you may uncover!  


( verb ) – make (something) using creative or mental skills

The final step is to play around with your items and work to produce what makes you happy.  Sometimes it is trial and error.  Don’t be afraid to try something “different”.  Majority of the time, those moments end up being the most beautiful.  Create something that makes you PROUD and leaves you feeling refreshed.  At the end of the day, YOU are the one living there!  Fill it with memories; always leaving space for new ones to be made.

Etsy is a fantastic place to get custom pieces for your home. Not only can you get personalized decor, but you are supporting small shop owners in return. One of my favorite purchases from Etsy is this precious silhouette print of my son! 

Our kitchen pegboard is always one of the first things people comment on in our home! Love the unique FUNctionality it provides! 

I personally love a very neutral modern-vintage-farmhouse style. Layers of whites, blacks, grays, and wood tones. A mixture of patterns, textures and new/old pieces. This style is carried throughout my whole home- which gives a cohesive feel. It’s also a great way to be able to mix and move items around my home when I get the “itch to switch” things up. 

Happy decor stylin’, dear Stewart Style blog readers!