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Hi friends!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post, but I wanted to give you all the details on my upcoming design project. You’ve seen me give some tidbits on my social media accounts, but I thought writing one post would be the easiest way to divulge all my excitement! 🙂


I was selected to be a designer in the Circles’ of West Georgia Designer Show House, here in Carrollton. This is their third year, but my first! This year there will be 3 homes included in the tour. These houses happen to be the historic homes located on the ever-so-dreamy Dixie Street. I’ve only lived in Carroll County for 8 years, but I have highly admired the homes on this street!


If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I have a BIG love for anything antique and full of history….especially when it comes to these big, beautiful homes!

House #1

The Show House Tour will take place October 19th- 21st. Even though it will still be Fall, the tour it will be Christmas themed!

Last week, I attended the Designer Open House, where I was able to walk around each of the 3 houses and select the space I want to decorate. It was a first come, first serve type of situation.

House #2

Just getting to walk around in these homes is reason enough to attend this fun event!

House # 3 –  (where I will be designing!)

I would love to show you more pictures of the insides of these homes, but you will just have to come experience it for yourself!! I will give you a sneak peek at the room I plan to decorate though… 🙂

I decided to invest my efforts into the Breakfast Room & Back Hallway of The Burson House!


This house is a show – stopper and is filled with amazing history! The inside is so very vibrant and full of color, along with amazing authentic vintage pieces.  I love me some fun wallpaper and this house doesn’t disappoint in that area! I kind of fell in love with this fun wallpaper in the kitchen!!


If you’ve seen pictures of my home, you know my personal style leans more towards high contrast / neutral color palettes (grays , blacks, whites, etc… ). While my goal is to of course keep in line with the house’s existing style as I decorate it for Christmas; I felt most inspired by the breakfast room. Can you guess why?


Yep. I loved the white walls! Where the rest of the house is full of color, this kind of felt like more my speed! It leaves me with options on how to proceed, which is the most fun part of beginning a design project. It allows my mind to dream up all the possibilities!


I don’t want to share any full room pictures because I want it to be part of the reveal, but just picture some pretty-Christmas-y goodness in here!!


If you are near the West Georgia area, I would LOVE for you to save this event to your calendar! Tickets will go on sale August 1st with all the proceeds going to a worthy cause! Not only will you get to see my designs, you will also get to see the handiwork of other talented local designers, florists & artists! To learn more about the Circles of West Georgia Designer Show House and to purchase tickets click here .

Keep a watch over the next few weeks for more updates on this project! Instagram is my favorite platform for sharing all kinds of behind the scenes life going on here at Stewart Style, so I’d love for you to join me over there if you don’t already!

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Cannot wait for Christmas on Dixie!


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